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  • Why work with Sweet Tea Photography?
    On top of our love of color and all things delicious, we specialize in creating content that draws people in! Not only do we provide highly sought after mouth-watering recipes, we know that capturing an audience, telling a story and delivering beautiful content is just as important in your quest to grab people's attention! We love what we do and what we provide. Leave this side of the work up to us and spend your time killin' it where you're most valuable! Cause we know that writing, posting, blogging, interacting with subscibers and all the other million things you do is a full-time job in itself! We want to come along-side your business and support your goals! Out-sourcing to us means you get quality content every time!
  • What is an exclusive recipe?
    Exclusive recipes are kitchen tested, one-owner recipes written with bloggers in mind. All our recipes are run through Copyscape (an anti-plagiarism site) to ensure content is orginal and available for use by you (the purchaser) without infringement. There may be similarities in the list of ingredients to other recipes on the internet, which is a common industry standard. I can assure you that the recipe you receive will work and never break any copyright laws.
  • What's incuded in an exclusive recipe?
    Included is one kitchen tested recipe, FAQs, keywords, and mouth-watering, scroll stopping images! - Exclusive Kitchen Tested Recipe - Frequently Asked Questions: giving your readers expert advice on this recipe (and to help you write your blog post!) This recipe includes over 400 words of copy that you can paste directly into your blog post. - Keywords + Search volume: this is to help with your SEO while writing your blog post. - Images: A minimum of 20 images including a combination of ingredient shots, process shots, hero shots, close ups, overheads, 45 degree angle and vertical and horizontal portraits.
  • Do I receive copyright on the photos I purchase from Sweet Tea Photography?
    According to copyright law, we the photographers at Sweet Tea Photography, retain the copyrights to images purchased unless otherwise agreed upon. When you purchase photos from Sweet Tea Photography, you are purchasing a license to use the photos. You are free to use purchased images for business, personal, and commercial purposes. This includes posts on your social media channels, posts on your blog, in advertising campaigns, youTube, personal e-books, personal cookbooks and personal magazines or uopn the sale of your blog. However, you cannot retain full copyright upon purchase and sell, copy, or otherwise reproduce Sweet Tea Photography images in a way that would be for outright financial gain (i.e. selling the images to a magazine, a stock photo site, other business' cookbooks, product packaging, photo contests, etc). Sweet Tea Photography retains copyright in order to use the images to market our business. The licensing agreement is exculsive to your purchase and will not be sold to anyone else. If you would like to retain the copyrights to specific images, please email us to discuss further.
  • Do you work one-on-one with bloggers, brands and restaurants?"
    Yes, I do work with bloggers, brands and restaurants, but I have limited openings for these types of shoots. Feel free to reach out to talk through my availablity and rates and to tell me what, specifically, your needs are!
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Due to the nature of this product, refunds will not be issued. However, if you see a problem with your photos or the recipe, please send me a message! I would be more than happy to work with you to fix any mistakes or errors on my part!
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